Whites Continuing Education has teamed up with both the South East Minnesota Realtors (SEMR) and the insurance industry experts to teach the continuing education classes for licensure requirements. Mr. James Miller, whom is from Maple Grove Minnesota, has created state-approved classes which focus on a variety of topics related to the restoration industry. Mr. James Miller has worked with experts in the industry and has incorporated excellent information in the class material, provide unique teaching techniques and learning opportunities.

Classes are all from 8:00 to 4:30 with lunch provided by Whites. Morning session is from 8-12, lunch 12-12:30 and afternoon session is 12:30-4:30

March 24, 2020

(Morning Session) – ID Theft and the Effect On Insurance Based Credit Scores 

Class description:

This course will define ID theft and how it affects our customers based on the industry use of credit scoring. ID theft can lead to lengthy and costly resolution techniques and damage our personal reputation as well.

We will explain what ID theft is, the damage caused by it, how to avoid it and how to protect your customers before and after ID theft occurs.

(Afternoon Session) – Situational and Behavioral Ethics

This session will summarize current ethics training using examples from corporate, individual and societal practices. The time will be used to point out flaws in the traditional methods. We will then discuss situational and behavioral ethics from a perspective of intention and awareness. The presentation of studies and experiments on these topics will allow us to discover possible alternative solutions.

April 28, 2020

(Morning Session) – Rock Star Customer Service

Class description:

In the face of increasing competition from alternate distribution sources our agencies need to provide the highest level of customer service. We will discuss coverage, application of options, endorsements and and the reliance of our customers on agency for professional, competent advice.

Our discussion will extend to the importance of our understanding and presenting Umbrella coverage, flood insurance and financial products.

(Afternoon Session) – Insurance Fraud

Billions of dollars in fraudulent claims are presented to our companies annually. This of course has a very negative impact on our rates in all lines of insurance. We will discuss how the agencies can partner with our companies to detect and prevent fraud.

Classes are held at:

Whites Fire, Smoke, and Water Damage Restoration
3800 West River Parkway NW
Rochester, MN 55901

Classes limited to 40 people


Agency, Fair Housing & Energy Efficiency

April 24th, 2020 (8:15 AM – 12:00 PM)

Class description:

This 3.75 hour course covers Agency Law, its history, foundation, and Minnesota License laws regarding Agency relationships in a real estate transaction. This course will also look at federal Fair Housing law, its history, laws, and regulations. Prohibitions under the federal Fair Housing Act and the Minnesota Human Rights Act will be covered. The energy efficiency portion of the course will cover the importance of home energy assessments in existing homes and an overview of the MN market for energy efficiency in new homes and building codes. It will also cover the need and importance of a pre-construction HERS report and provide resources for more information. ($39 for members, $55 for members)

How does this Measure Up?

April 24, 2020 (12:45 PM to 4:30 PM)

Class description:

This 3.75-hour class will expose the students to the requirements to measure a property. Understanding the total finished footage of a property is vitally important in determining price. By attending this class, students will learn the effective ways to measure unusually shaped properties, determine if a room is ‘conforming’ and how to not misrepresent a listing. You will learn to understand how to measure the exterior and interior dimensions, calculate square footage, determine value using square footage and understanding the value difference between above and below grade SF. ($39 for members, $55 for nonmembers.)